DiceScript 3.4



Admin panel:

login: demo
Password: demo

on the demo admin can not save changes

If lack some options, write and surely I will add it.

To test the script. Run Litecoin in testnet and use free LTC or faucet


– vps server (Cost about $ 7 USD)
– PHP (>= 5.3)
– MySQL with MySQLi Extension

– Any litecoin, bitcoin like wallet


– Auto Installation Script

– Automatic Betting (Bot)

– Administration options

– Detailed Statistics

– Full Support (Free Installation [If you have any problems], Follow-up Support, Free update)

– Probability fair

– Configurable house edge.

– Configurable max bet

– Configurable min bet

– Configurable Minimal withdrawal

– Configurable Affiliates

– Configurable number of deposit confirmations Network

Version 3.0 adds:

– Chat (with emoticons, Chat commands have been integrated into the console, to see the list of commands please type #help)

– Configurable Faucet

– Site Bankroll

– Configurable site title, keywords, description, name 2fa

– Two factor authentication (User and Admin)

See the demo page for more information

Added function in version 3.1

- Added Rainbot (the settings in the admin panel)

- Added level users (the settings in the admin panel)

- Reducing the load on the server

- Chatbot can send message to chat big winners / losers (the settings in the admin panel)

- The possibility of granting the rank of the chat moderator (the settings in the admin panel)

Available commands in the chat:

Default user:
/help /bet /rain /tip This command can not be reversed

/help /bet /rain /tip This command can not be reversed /mute

Version 3.3:
- Greater safety.

- Changing the database connection

- Moving from mysql to mysqli

- Automatic payment on a cold wallet (for safety).
Address cold wallet set in the configuration file.
Number of coins that is to be on a hot wallet set in the admin panel.
Enabling automatic payment on a cold wallet set in the admin panel.
Automatic payout on cold wallet after exceeding specified amount coins in the admin panel

Version 3.4 now available.
What's new?
- Liquidated errors of Use script.
- By going to the faucet will not be charged commission affiliate program (the lock is removed with deposit)
- The amount of the faucet is not charged to bankroll
- Accounts with one IP address, you can set up again after a random period of time (minimum is 30 minutes)
- Small change in appearance

These locks were set up to block users who establish an account just to get a commission from the referral and then withdraw

Good luck with your gambling bussiness!